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To further explain the Emotion Code healing, here are informative videos, a chart of emotions, definitions of emotions, and a link  to purchase the book, The Emotion Code™.

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner my goal is to assist humans and animals with their emotional and physical issues that hold them back from being truly happy and free in their minds and bodies.  I use a simple process over the telephone or in person that taps into the subconscious and releases old beliefs and old patterns.  These beliefs and patterns may cause PTSD, anxiety, fear response, body pain and sleep disorders to name a few symptoms.  If you believe you have "tried everything", I suggest you consider one more option, and call me.

This tools page allows you to take a peek at a few videos of the work, the charts of emotions and definitions, and the book that got me started on this path.  I look forward to working with you or your animal friend.   Barbara


Renowned holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson says "Emotion Code™ is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties." Click here to purchase the book: The Emotion Code™

For a list of emotions and their definitions that are used in this work click Here: Definitions Of Emotions


"Emotion Code-Why it works", a Webinar from Dr. Nelson Bradley:  Emotion Code-Why it Works

"Emotions That We Experience Can have Physical Effects On Us", Dr. Nelson Bradley:  Emotions & Physical Effects


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Barbara Martin

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